What Mark Foley Reveals About American Republican Politics

So now that news coverage is all over the details of the Mark Foley scandal, like a Catholic priest on young boys, we could take a step back to recognize a pattern here:

We all know the conventional wisdom regarding experts in specific fields as the best candidates for catching cheaters in those fields, like professional thieves being probably better equipped than anybody for devising methods designed to catch other thieves, etc.

I'm thinking that the Republicans took something akin to this line of thinking and somehow screwed it up majorly somewhere along the line, and they ended up appointing to office and policy-making power some rather peculiar characters:
  • A pedophile in charge of pedophilia and sexual predators.
  • Oil companies in charge of energy policy.
  • Drug and Insurance companies in charge Medicare legislation.
  • Representatives from polluting industries in charge of environmental protection.
If you wonder why things are as f'ed up as they are, this might be part of the answer...

(Oh, and the picture above is supposed to represent us screwing ourselves... nothing zen about that!)

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